Mgr. Vendula Rosová, advokátka
ev. č. ČAK 16807
Sázavská 914/8, Praha 2 - Vinohrady, 120 00

tel: +420 777 996 844
ID of data box: a8gmufm


We provide legal services related to real estate transactions such as purchase contracts, future purchases, gifts and exchanges, as well as lease agreements- both in commercial and residential real estate. In this context, it also prepares security documents, pledge agreements, and documentation related to real estate financing.

Clients provide a complete service from preparing documents, participating in negotiations with the other party, verifying signing on the contract, lawyer custody of money, preparation of documents for the cadastral office and representation in proceedings before the cadastral office. In case of a problematic relationship with the tenant, we are able to secure the judicial clearance of the property, in the last phase in cooperation with our contractual and executing authority.

For the construction of new real estate, he legally prepares the entire construction process, from the acquisition of land, representation in construction proceedings to the legal provision of contractual relations with suppliers (works contracts, purchase contracts, construction financing contracts, etc.).

In the case of co-ownership of real estate, it provides the relevant legal documentation, such as the establishment and establishment of a cooperative, transfer of dwellings to personal ownership, transfer of member rights and duties to a cooperative, termination and termination of a cooperative.

+420 602 221 078
Sázavská 8,
Praha 2 - Vinohrady