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Nuovo progetto - investimento immobiliare in USA

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With American Dreamyou will get: 

Your exclusive Miami residence combining glamour & profitability American Dream allows you to immediately reserve a residence in one of the most exclusive projects in pre- or under- construction now in Miami. Live your American dream in one of the most glamorous metropolises in the World. Thanks to the exclusivity of selected projects and brands, location and luxury amenities, you can combine personal use and profitability. When you do not use your property, you can also rent it for further profitability.

Why invest in Miami (Florida) üLast year real estate trends: +17,1% on home value, +25,96% on rentals ü2nd financial district of the East Coast after Manhattan üNew U.S.A. destination for start-ups üWorld’s leading cruise port üEvents: F1, Tennis Miami Open, International Boat Show, Art Basel. 

Annual net return from 6% to 11%. From day one. American Dream is also a real estate investment portfolio developed in the largest real estate market in the world. The USA. Focusing part of the investment in affordable residential properties already rented to the average Americans, you will immediately start earning a rental income. By establishing a US Company in your name with its bank account, your returns wil be fully available for you and your family in US Dollars and everywhere in the World. You’re investing for your future, you’re enjoying your profits now.

A VISA for you and your family Thanks to a carefully built property investment portfolio, with an investment of a substantial amount of capital, you will be able to explore the possibility of obtaining an Investor VISA permit to the United States together with your family (unmarried children up to 21 years of age and spouse).

A completly managed investment. No headaches! Our professionals will follow you throughout all the investment process. From the investment planning in complete transparency, based on your needs, to the purchasing process through accounting, tax and legal assistance, to full propety management with clear and detailed reports and dedicated staff, to optimization of resale opportunities.

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Kristýna Ishihara MSc.
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